A Breath in Time

These photos are from a shoot I did a while back with the beautiful Jodi Lakin, the wonderful Rhiannon Chalmers and the amazing Ian Mears! Rhiannon was such a savior stepping in late, and did a beautiful job, and Ian was a ton of fun (as usual!) so we had an very relaxing, very creative day. 
 Jodi here looks absolutely beautiful (at least thats my opinion!) as though she's lost in her own dream land. I could just write a story about the character she's portraying here. Thank you Jodi for being such an inspiration!
I'm not sure why, but these shots always make me think of Paris, nostalgically! Does anyone else get the same sort of feeling? 
The mystery lady turns... (lame i know - but you thought it too!)
I love the hat - found it in a shop last summer while walking through Toledo in Spain. It made my day!
Bubbles always make everyone smile! 
Hope you guys enjoyed the shots! let me know what you think. 
I'll be posting more photos from shoots i did back in Cyprus, and from the Olympics later this week!