A hyper wolf and a wild girl



This was one of my most frustrating yet sort of happiest shoots in a very very long time! I decided to experiment with flash - something I'm not very familiar with, and if it wasn't for Ian Mears I bet I would have thrown the flash into the forest and never looked for it again! 
Coyla MacPherson (who once more is utterly gorgeous) modeled for us again. I absolutely love shooting with her. She's able to really understand what I have in mind, and portray it in the shots! 
Robyn Skinner went above and beyond on the day! Not only did she do a beautiful job with the make up and hair - she was the official dog walker and treat handler! She was able to help us keep Sire under control!
And Siah, pronounced like Sire, (the wolf-like canine) was a star. He was such a funny puppy! While we were getting Coyla's hair and make-up prepped, he found a raspberry bush, and decided to see if he likes the berries... he bit a single berry, and pulled it off the bush delicately before he spat it out deciding berries aren't for him. He had some of our chicken for lunch and only ate little cheese cubes as treats throughout the day!
Ian was so wonderful pulling the props together for the shoot, so a major thanks to him for that! Also a thanks to him for scouting out all the locations for our shoot, and finding the perfect forest!
Coyla let us cover her in fake blood, and braved all the icky mosquitoes that were attacking her throughout the shoot! She had some red spots all over her shoulders after the shoot, which I hope passed by now!
The woods sure do look creepy don't they?
Clearly all sorts of wild creatures roam these woods! ;)
Whether she's a warrior princess with a wild wolf partner, or a mystical mage who soothes and charms wild creatures - Coyla could portray her characters beautifully.
So thank you all for having made this a wonderful day! xxx