Butterflies and Forgotten Dreams

At the beginning of December I had a little chat with myself (admit it, we all have these) where i evaluated 2012. It was an amazing year. I did well at university, I made lots of new friends, I had the opportunity to travel a fair amount. I also had a number of shoots I really enjoyed. I was a photographer in the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games and received a lot of support and publicity because of that, and even took photos at September London Fashion Week. 

So what next? Well I had all these fantastic opportunities, but lacked the discipline to tell anyone about it. I didn't update my blog or even tweet much at all during the Olympics. I still have not updated my website to add those photos on here, and am pretty much backed up by about 6 months on any posts I had full intention on writing (yeah...  we do all have those posts).

So back in December I made a long list of all the things I will do this year: I will work out more, I will keep my blog up to date, I will do more creative shoots, I will start my "52 project", I will... But then life happened. And as life has it, health has it too, so I've had to learn to slow down. But I refused to give up, or even consider that, so instead I chose to go on a little hunt for beauty this week... 

You may or may not have noticed some random photos on my instagram feed of jars and butterflies... 

I had all these beautiful little things around my apartment, hidden away in drawers, and in boxes in the back of dark closets, so I (very rationally) decided beautiful things make you feel better, and made my apartment more beautiful. 

It doesn't relieve any aches and pains, but it does prove that if you can take something like the torn up wings from old butterfly props that you used in a shoot that completely fell through the roof, and turn them into something that can look pretty on a shelf, then maybe you can do just about anything! What other forgotten and discarded dreams can you hunt down and put back together? 

So I want to hear about what "New Years Resolutions" you all have set, and what happened to them. Have you followed through with them? Will you?

What old, maybe even forgotten little things do you have lying about that can act as little daily reminders that life is beautiful (as cliche as that sounds) and that you can always make it even better?