Some Olympic Details

I wanted to share some of the photos I took during the London 2012 Olympic Games, but decided a massive flood of photos would not be ideal, so today you'll just see a few of my favorites!

I was given the opportunity to photograph the 2012 Olympic games by the Cyprus Olympic Committee, and the Dias Media Group so I wanted to take this chance to say thank you once more to both of these groups and to all the people who helped me while there.

Oddly enough, I personally got really passionate about watching tennis during the Games, so I'll share some of those photos here. Its such a surreal feeling watching these world renowned players perform miracles of speed just meters infront of you.

The whistle sounds. Silence. The ball is served. Something happens. You gasp. Hold your breath for a moment - an instant - an hour - a point... And then... they cheer, and you cheer! Deafening cries of joy before the next moment of silence.

Before I knew it though, the Olympic games were over, and I was watching the Closing Ceremony, exhausted but hungrily waiting for the Paralympic games.

More next week!