A little bit of Inspiration

Its Wednesday, and at least personally, I find that on Wednesdays things can get a little bit sluggish. So where do you find inspiration? What do you do to start feeling a little more creative? Do you take a walk in the park? Do you listen to some music? Do you look at other artists' work? Do you look through magazines?...

I read sometimes. It can be anything from a good fiction book, to poetry, or to song lyrics... anything! I keep a record of the most inspiring quotes I find, so that I can refer back to them on later wednesdays. Here's one of my favorites: 

I’m moving gently forward,
over the wild and beautiful,
unexplored world below me.

I’m floating in silence,
and breaking it up
with the sound of my breath.

Above me, there’s nothing
but shimmery light,
the place where I’ve come from,
and will go back to
when I am done here.

I’m diving.
I’m a scuba diver.

I’m going deeper past
the wrinkled rocks and dark seaweed
toward a deep blueness
where a school of silver fish wait.

As I swim through the water,
bubbles burst from me,
wobbling like little jellyfish
as they rise.

I check my air.
I don’t have as much time
as I need to see everything,
but that is what makes it so special.

— Leslie Burke, "Bridge to Terabithia"

Check out the movie if you havent yet, I highly recommend it. Hope it inspires you too!