Candy Madness

A little while ago, Ian Mears and I decided we needed to plan another shoot together. We planned a studio shoot (for which we turned my living room into the place where madness happens) and decided to go crazy with candy.

The wonderful Clare Louise Tautz was in charge of hair, and the very sweet Leanne Rose was taking care of the crazy make-up. Special thanks to Ulia for modelling for us last minute! :) It was fun getting to figure out how to keep the candy stuck on her skin and in her hair!

After all the fun with the sprinkles, which I can tell you honestly get EVERYWHERE!! we decided to shoot a more fruit based look - grapes specifically since they suited Ulia's skin tone!

And of course we had to have some more fun with this look:

Then had the best idea ever: get the grapes, cover them in fake blood, and make this pretty girl look evil!

All of this of course was on my cream coloured carpet ;)

I was so proud of Ulia...she didn't mention that the sight of blood makes her faint until After the shoot! Oups :) At least she made it through this torture with a big smile!

This image  is hands down my favourite from this shoot. I just love the look of fierce power in her eyes.

Let me know what you think of this set :)