Tatoi and the Lost Princess

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Tatoi used to be the summer palace of the former Greek Royal family. It is just a few miles north of Athens, in Mount Parnitha. It's a gorgeous place, which reminds me of the former glory of Greece, but sadly it is in ruins. The place inspired the following shoot where Veroniki agreed (thankfully!) to model for me, as the lost princess who roams around the woods and lands of this formerly glorious estate.

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selenealexia veroniki 1  selenealexia veroniki 9 I'm so happy this beautiful lady was willing to help me with these ideas! we met up the day before the shoot and found the fabric to make the dress which she cut to size, and which we sewed on to her on the day! She even woke up at 4 am so we could meet up and be ready in time for a sunrise shoot! I cant thank her enough :)



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