Forsaken Allure

Last year a group of five of us, four photographers and a publisher, got together to launch a magazine. Thank you Cassie Molly Carthy, Lucy Blanchard, Nathalia Takeuchi and Ulia Ali for a very fun experience!We invited other photographers and artists to be part of this magazine, and we each created a series for the issue. The following were my images:

Special thanks to Joanne Fleming whose gorgeous dresses are featured in these images, to Ian Mears and Vasilis for assisting, and to the unwavering Stacey Johnson for modelling! 

selenealexia lillesden 8

In my images I wanted to explore the way grace and the desolate can come together.

selenealexia lillesden 7

selenealexia lillesden 4 I love creating worlds within each image where you can catch a glimpse of an alternate reality that the viewer can explore beyond the limitations of each of my images. I hope viewers question what they see and wonder things such as who these characters are, why they are here and where they will go next.

selenealexia lillesden 5 selenealexia lillesden 6 selenealexia lillesden 9

I fell in love with this location on a drive with my mom in the English countryside, and was so sad that they were planning on tearing it down the week after this shoot!

selenealexia lillesden 1 selenealexia lillesden 3 selenealexia lillesden 2

The concept of the magazine developed into an arts magazine for students, so after the first issue I chose to no longer be part of that team since I no longer felt passionate about its direction, but wish them all the best for the second issue and more!