BA Graduate Show

Last night was our graduate show private view. It was such an incredible experience to be able to talk about my work with so many people and hear so much input so thank you to everyone who made it down, and I'm glad you enjoyed the show. My project, The Edien Wayland, explores a part of my inner fantasy realm, where you meet different characters as you explore this world.

Model: Aistė Tiriūtė  Dress and hat design: Selene Alexia and Despo

Model: Bethany W (Profile) Hair and Make up: Tati Zarubova  Dress and hat design: Selene Alexia and Despo Lefkariti

Model: Daniella Francesca Rusmigo  Dress and hat design: Selene Alexia and Despo

Model: Margarita Antoniadou Dress and hat design: Selene Alexia and Despo



Below are some shots from the installation:

Selene Alexia Selene Alexia-2

What you can't see here is that three of the four images have water infront of them, at the water level within the shots.

Also, you can't see the book, so here are some close up shots of my favourite pages:

Selene AlexiaSelene Alexia-2

Selene Alexia-3Selene Alexia-4














The book begins with an introductory letter:


Dear Sir or Madam,

Before you delve deeper into this guide, there is one question that I must pose:

What is real?

This is a question I’ve asked myself time and time again. Although the answer seems simple enough, the more I think about it, the harder it is to pin down. Is something only real when we experience it? Then how are the most vivid of day dreams, or the most terrifying nightmares not in fact real? The dictionary states that something is real when it is “actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed” thus these scenes before you are all real. They were created and documented from my experiences in this habitat.

I have made every effort to record what I know of this boundless world faithfully, but there is still so much left to discover. I have named this area the Edien Wayland because of the way water and land merge. I found it while roaming around in the woods as a child. I stepped off a trail I was familiar with, and entered the wayland. As I continued on this journey I noticed the trees started looking slightly lopsided. They seemed to be sprouting out of a lake like reeds, so I had to take a closer look. As I stepped in the water though, I fell through to discover a land that echoed the one above, yet the strangest thing happened. I could breathe.

How do you know air exists if not from each breath you take? Well in this place air was water, and the earth was both above and below me. This countered everything I had known to be true and thus begun my journey of inquiring what is real.

I hope you indulge in the expedition you have undertaken, but do be careful. You never know what questions you may stumble into.

Selene Alexia


And continues:

One of the first questions that must have sprung to your mind is what Edien Wayland actually means. If you’re not fluent in Old English don’t worry - most people nowadays are not. Edien, directly translated, is noble waterfall, and wayland means the land near the path.

I named this place the wayland when I first arrived since it is where I stumbled into after stepping off the road most travel by. The abundance in water, and the way water and land merge convinced me that this noble place is the expanded incarnation of what a waterfall feels like against your skin.

In the images above I have captured some of the creatures I have met along these excursions. I have sworn an oath to not reveal their names, thus I shall refer to them based on their role in this hidden society.

The troubadour was my first friend here. Do you see the path behind her? That is the path you need to step off to find this land! Anyway, she recounts tales of glory, of love and of adventure. She records these from time to time and is constantly surrounded by words. The next individual who surprised me was the crier. If this was a traditional medieval village the crier would stand in the town centre and shout out the news. This lady though would do no such thing. She would share the news on boats which floated past her to their recipients over mud, land and water. The river before her is one of the many spots where you can dive into, to enter the Edien part of this land. The next person I have recorded is one of the flower princesses. She was too busy searching for something to stop and talk to me. I wish I could have helped her but she kept on floating without sparing me a second glance, so I moved on. If you dive even deeper into the water you may come across the enchantress. She is a spider, a nightmare, a black widow who has woven her web in the most rotten region I’ve so far seen. Beware when you go near her. She’s not a friend. She has been casting enchantments and causing trouble in this land for as long as the other creatures can remember.

Also, you should know that time passes differently in this place. What might feel like a walk among the trees or a short dance in the sunset could last for months or for mere seconds. I have not yet understood why this fluctuation of time happens. If you come across the answer on your excursion please write back to me and let me know.



I hope this gives you a taste of what the project is all about. At the show I was inviting people to touch the frames and boxes, to see how the water moved. I was thrilled to see how many people enjoyed the work and realm I created.

Selene Alexia-4           Selene Alexia-3