A little crackle

So with the support and encouragement of the remarkable Jordan Followwill I'll share a short blurt I wrote during my last writing class: The rain and hail pelted against the window. She was enchanted and scared. She could see the light flashing outside - reflecting on the glass of the large window. That meant the noise would be here soon. And there it was. This time it synchronised with the crack of a pinecone in the fireplace. It put her fur on ends. Made her yelp. She ran to the larger sleeping lump, the one who was never scared of anything. She bumped into his chest in her hurry, slipping on the marble underfoot. He drowsily half opened his left eye, before letting it droop shut oblivious. Her short coat didn't help stop her trembles. Another flash of light. She saw it in the water bowl this time, The sound echoed as if the four great danes of the apocalypse came crashing onto the roof of the single story house. The fire crackled on, as unperturbed as the grandfather of a pup sleeping deeply beside her.