Alice, revisited

Another piece of creative writing I thought I could share. A new view on Alice's life after wonderland.  

A key, a boy, a song

Alice could hear Cruella de Vil blaring in the other room for the hundredth time today. That song is going to drive me crazy. She was rummaging around her open closet trying to decide on what to wear. Her favorite blue and white dress just didn’t seem to cut it anymore. He had fallen in love with her when she was wearing that dress. It was mad to still have it, let alone to wear it out on a night with the in-laws. You see, the Ascots hated everything she kept from that time. Everything that could even slightly hint at him or at that place. Alice pulled the dress out from the cupboard and clutched it to her chest, breathing in the smells of lavender and smoke that clung to the fabric like spider webs.

Once more from the top… Cruella de Vil, Cruella de Vil, if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will… to see her is to take a sudden chill…

Alice dropped the dress and fell head first into her pillows trying to drown out the noise of the song. She remembered him all too clearly. The day they won. Bathed in golden light. So beautiful. He couldn’t help but dance. He flung his hat in the air and she caught it. That’s the moment she knew she loved him.

If you dare walk away…if you dare leave this place… he wasn’t dancing anymore. His words haunted her.

I have to. It’s too late. I have to get home or else mother will be cross. Her pathetic reply. He fell to his knees and clung on to her, grasping at the hem of her blue and white dress, threatening not to let go. His fingers were sullied from the muddy ground.

Cruella…she’s like a spider waiting for her kill… Alice let go of the pillows and stood up, her back already slightly stiff from the hard mattress. She pulled on a simple black dress. Now my hair. She moved across the room to the looking glass and started fidgeting with her curls. The cup of tea she had made earlier that evening still rested untouched next to her brush. She rummaged around her jewelry drawer, pushing aside little bottles, dice, chess pieces, an old pocket watch and other knick-knacks before she found the key she now wore as a pendant. As she fastened the clasp she heard the car horn honk outside. Come on girl, put on your happy face. The creased face in the mirror returned her weak smile.

She walked into the other room. The sound of the song grew louder and louder with each step, almost drowning out the click clack of her heels. This vampire bat…this inhuman beast…

As she entered, the boy turned to her and smiled. He was holding a Dalmatian teddy bear and making it fly around the room. “I’m off honey, I’ll see you next year!” Alice said in a cheery tone.

The boy burst into tears, dropped the puppy and hobbled over to her. He grabbed on to her dress and legs, crying too hard to be understood. If he tries to steal my dress again, I’ll just have to give it to him, Alice thought, while disentangling herself from his grip. “Oh Tarrant, please don’t. I didn’t mean… I only meant daddy and I will be back later tonight. You see it’s New Year’s Eve. Darling boy…” The horn was honked twice more. “It’s alright, please...” the horn blared out in a single long beep. “Damn it Hamish, Lori please just take him.” The boy let go of Alice’s dress and rushed back to the fallen teddy, and away from his aunt’s grasp. The song shadowed each of Alice’s steps as she walked to the exit. She ought to be locked up and never released. The world was such a wholesome place until…Cruella, Cruella de Vil. Alice reached up and touched her pendant, glancing one last time at the tearful boy before closing the front door of the house.