Candy Madness

A little while ago, Ian Mears and I decided we needed to plan another shoot together. We planned a studio shoot (for which we turned my living room into the place where madness happens) and decided to go crazy with candy.

The wonderful Clare Louise Tautz was in charge of hair, and the very sweet Leanne Rose was taking care of the crazy make-up. Special thanks to Ulia for modelling for us last minute! :) It was fun getting to figure out how to keep the candy stuck on her skin and in her hair!

After all the fun with the sprinkles, which I can tell you honestly get EVERYWHERE!! we decided to shoot a more fruit based look - grapes specifically since they suited Ulia's skin tone!

And of course we had to have some more fun with this look:

Then had the best idea ever: get the grapes, cover them in fake blood, and make this pretty girl look evil!

All of this of course was on my cream coloured carpet ;)

I was so proud of Ulia...she didn't mention that the sight of blood makes her faint until After the shoot! Oups :) At least she made it through this torture with a big smile!

This image  is hands down my favourite from this shoot. I just love the look of fierce power in her eyes.

Let me know what you think of this set :)

Grace in the Face of Destruction

This past easter my country's (Cyprus) economy officially took the final blow and crumbled. Things had been getting worse and worse over the past 5 years, but now we needed help. The banks almost went bankrupt, and people were, and still are, being made redundant from their jobs, or have their pay cut by up to 50% (possibly even more!).

The country still maintains its beauty, and not much has changed when you go there on vacation as an outsider, but still, people will struggle to bring the economy back up to its past levels for a long time.

When this happened in other parts of the world, for example Greece and Spain, we saw riots, fires and people acting negatively towards each other.

In Cyprus we saw the opposite: people united together, helped each other, and did not cause any destruction. There were no riots and no fighting.

I wanted to share a few stories here:

Copied from a friends facebook, and translated to english:

" My eighty year old mother asked me: 'so daughter, how much will they cut from me?' (referring to the cuts the banks did on people's accounts) I told her how much she would have to pay from the money she was saving so that she would not become a burden in her old age on her six children who she raised and educated. I told her how much and she asked me once more if this cut would be done each month, or if it was just once. I told her it would only be once. She considered what i was telling her for a brief moment, and said 'well, if its for our country to be saved, its worth it. Shall I made you a coffee?'... this brought tears to my eyes"

The same person created a series of posts about what it means to be a Cypriot:

The Anatomy of a Cypriot:

...Maybe among other things we are naive but the core make up of the Cypriot is summarized in the following story. As you all know the banks on our island have been closed for almost two weeks now. Those of us with debit/credit cards were able to withdraw money from ATMs and take care of our families. Many of the elderly however do not use or know how to use plastic. An old lady was patiently waiting her turn at an ATM to withdraw cash. When her turn came she turned to the person behind her handed him her savings booklet and said: 'can you please help me get some money out of this machine, i have never done it.' The people there realizing that the old lady did not know how the system worked and understanding that she would not be able to secure some cash for God knows how long, very discreetly gathered an amount between them and handed it to her. But the old lady was no dummy she knew what was happening, so she thanked them took the money and made every one of them to write their name, their telephone number and the amount they contributed on the back of her savings booklet so that she can find them and at the first opportunity return the loan they so readily extended to her...

This grandfather is just one of those people who not only didn't withdraw money on the first day the banks opened after a 14 day shut down but he took his savings and OPENED a brand new account in the troubled Bank of Cyprus. 'I amnot a depositor of this bank' he said, 'but now the bank is in need. We have to support our banks it is our national duty, to stay calm and help our country.' In this video Dr Eleni Theocharous is announcing that two medical centers one in Nicosia and one in Limassol have already been set up to take care of those in need. All doctors are offering their services free.

My FB friends, we are not better than the rest of the people in this world but we like you work hard, we raise our families, we take care of our parents we lend a helping hand! Yes dr Theocharous is correct this tiny little nation has immense reserves of courage, kindness and determination -- we will survive and thrive once again...

On the first of april Cyprus Aid organized a concert where the main artists, singers and other individuals related to the performing arts who originally came from Cyprus performed on stage for free. The "tickets" to this concert came in the form of donations of food, medicines and other supplies which were then given to families and groups who had immediate need. About 8,000 - 10,000 people showed up to donate and take part in this event (a massive number for a city which has about 200,000 people in it). People travelled from all over the country to take part, and give to the community, and different centres were set up in each city where people could go to get their free supplies. The donations filled 10 warehouses to maximum capacity, and the support and sense of community people showed was deeply moving for everyone present and for people who could see what was happening from afar. There were no riots, nor any sense of hostility. Just unity, grace, and support.

These stories moved me deeply, and are what motivates me to create a series of images about how people can embody the notions of  grace and support even in the face of complete destruction. Hope you enjoyed learning a bit about the little country where I am from.

Wishing you the best day, and wishing the best for the future of my country.

Wandering in Jerusalem

Hope you're all having a wonderful vacation/long weekend, for those of you who are.

I've been quiet for quite some time now, for health reasons, but am on the road to recovering. These reasons brought me to Israel, and since I was feeling better today, I spent a few hours wandering around the Jerusalem market. 

You could find anything your heart desired in this market, ranging from spices to old metal bangles, and even oil lamps, which made you wonder if they ever held a magical genie inside.

We also tried to visit the Church of Holy Sepulchre, but it was closed for some reason, so will have to try again next time!

I will be posting updates over these next two weeks with photos from shoots from the past few months, including London Spring Summer 2013 Fashion Week, and a shoot where the models got covered in candy!

Just some parting words:

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’

— Eleanor Roosevelt


First Light

She roamed the woods endlessly. The trees morphed into nightmares, monsters and beasts in the dark, so she began to run. She cried and panted, and curled up like a caterpillar wishing someday that she too will have wings and finally be free of this place...

With dawns first light, her thirst for freedom was renewed, and she now had one thing that trusted her forward: Hope.       She finally wondered...

Maybe there is a beast....maybe it’s only us.

— Lord of the Flies

This self portrait was taken in the fall, just after most leaves fell off the trees in Hampstead Heath. It was part of a series about dreams and nightmares, and how our nightmares haunt our waking lives.

Inspiration? Lost? Just temporarily misplaced!

So today I wanted to share a few random little things I do when I'm hunting for that inspiration that hides away as often as my keys do (aka very often!). Who knows - maybe these things can help you guys too!

1.      Go for a long long walk, preferably somewhere out in nature far away from town, but if thats not possible then a park like Hampstead Heath is great too!

2.  Go to the first bookstore you find, pick out a random book from a random shelf (one you wouldn't normally visit), and then turn it to a random page, and read ... if what you read isn't pleasant/inspiring/imaginative etc, then pick another book until you find something that stands out!

3.     Go to the theatre. You can find some really cheap tickets for the best ballets and musicals out there, and they're amazing at zapping you with an instant burst of creativity!!!

Cook something that you've never cooked before! Or bake! Just do something in the kitchen, even if it is just making an extra creative sandwich for lunch!

4.    Cook something that you've never cooked before! Or bake! Just do something in the kitchen, even if it is just making an extra creative sandwich for lunch!


5.      Meet people. Hear their stories. Do some volunteer work, or do something nice for a stranger, even if it is simply smiling at random strangers while you walk past! I read this earlier, so if you run out of ideas of nice things to do, check it out!

So try these things out and let me know how they work for you! Hope they help you find that temporarily misplaced inspiration!

Icarus Revisited

This is the narrative piece I wrote behind one of the next photo shoots I will do. It's for a group project I have at university. The theme is the Estuary, and the story itself is based on that of Icarus in Greek mythology.

       The first thing she felt was the cold water slithering over her toes, her ankles and her calves as each wave rose up the bank in a rhythmic motion, before it retreated to the depths of the sea. She was face down in the sand and mud, with sand crunching between her teeth. The searing pain in her right temple made her want to scream, but her throat was too dry. It thumped steadily, in unison with her increasingly rapid heartbeat.

      She blinked. Once. Twice. Three times. She was trying to get accustomed to the bright day.  She was failing. Her eyes, which echoed the blue of the most beautiful seas, didn’t make it easier for her on days like these. She brought her trembling fingers up to shield the sun, wishing, more than expecting, that this would help. Only then did she see how sullied they were.

Her entire body ached, she realized, as she attempted to move her long legs in towards her torso. She looked awkward and gangly as she floundered in the sand, like a mermaid who suddenly found herself with legs instead of a tail. She was eventually able to sit upright and survey her body in its entirety. Shell fragments pierced into her skin, sand was embedded in every crevice, and moss combined with her long fair, untamed hair.

She was alone. She looked far out in every direction, and all she could see was land or water; coast or sea; tide or foam. She felt trapped. Asphyxiated. With every beat of her heart the urge to run, to swim, to drown, to disappear grew.

The seagulls agitated her. They aggravated her every nerve and all she wanted to do was scream out at them to just go away. To leave her alone. To let her be. But she couldn’t. Her dry throat kept exasperating her. She needed water. She needed to get out of here.

It was in that moment of panicked frenzy that the idea dawned on her. Icarus.

She recalled learning about Icarus and Daedalus in school, as a young girl. Daedalus, the genius inventor, crafted wings out of feathers, wax and thread, which he and his son Icarus used to escape the prison in which they were held captive. Icarus though, despite Daedalus’ warnings, was far too elated by his new found freedom. He flew up high and found himself far too close to the sun, and in a moment, without realizing, found himself flapping wings that no longer held a single feather. Daedalus watched helplessly as his only son endlessly plunged into the sea, flapping the arms that would no longer allow him to fly.

She cast her searching eyes around her desolate surroundings, willing and pleading them to yield some answers. The seagulls flew above in innumerable flocks which scared her. There were stones, shells, sand, and fragments of wood everywhere; expected findings. There were traces of human activity long since passed: a broken glass bottle – probably a beer; a large number of sand-scoured cans of all shapes and sizes; the characteristic gleam of glass shards and metal bottle caps which stood out amongst the natural shells and sand, like tar would stand out on a butterfly’s wings. And seaweed. Seaweed which disgusted her. Seaweed which enthralled her. Seaweed which could prove to be her salvation.       Each leaf is like a feather…maybe they can… she thought to herself. Granted, those thoughts took a lot of creativity and hope to seem even slightly plausible.

So she stumbled and inched over, more like a baby first learning to crawl than an almost woman who was attempting to fly, embedding the shells and sand more deeply in her skin and hair than ever before. She lifted the repelling mixture of green mush and brown guck, and draped it over her ivory shoulder with a splat. She instantly shuddered at its touch, and felt Goosebumps break out all down her spine and legs.  She fell to her knees, dry heaving for just a moment, then, shaking her head, stood up trembling, and continued collecting more seaweed. Her throat ached more than ever, and the sun burned her cheeks.

Once her hunt was complete, she began the weave. She tied the fragile ends of leaves – for after all they were just soaked leaves – together into something that could resemble a net, onto which she could later add layers and layers of more seaweed.

She stood with her ankles being licked by each passing wave, her white dress stained with green patches of sea moss, and her limbs threatening to abandon her, but successfully donning what appeared to be wings of a dark green mesh. She raised her burdensome arms gracefully to the sky and threw her head up towards the sun. The intricate webbing of nature beautifully framed her, but she recalled Daedalus’ warning to his son:

       Do not fly too close to the sea, for the sea’s spray will weigh you down, soaking your feathers, and you will drown.

In a moment of anger, regret and complete anxiety she understood that her feathers were nothing but weeds, and her hopes were nothing but fruitless efforts. Nature would not let her fly. She is a man, not a bird, nor a bee, nor a god, nor angel for that matter. She crumbled once more and surrendered to the salty tears that wracked her body exhausting her even further.

Hours passed, and she was still lying abandoned on the sand, legs sprawled where the water could barely tickle her toes each time it decided to go through the effort of moving all the way up the bank. She gazed at the seagulls, entranced. They circled around her at times like vultures. Then they seemed completely oblivious to her existence, as though she was not even worth the effort. The black tips of their wings captivated her imagination. She could picture friendly gulls painting each other or dipping their wings in black ink to get the perfect contrast. She noticed some had more black feathers than others. These were the evil birds – the ones who would peck at her toes and cheeks first, she thought. Of course, these were all thoughts she would attribute to dehydration after her escape, an easily accepted excuse.

She even wondered if she should try capturing a seagull and stealing his wings, or at least his feathers; if she could capture enough of them so that they could lift her up over the sea, to safety. If she should simply steal their feathers and turn herself into a half black half white angel, but she feared Daedalus was right. Nature would not be her salvation.

So she simply lay there gazing feebly at the magnificent creatures who soared above her, plunged into the sea at will, and then lifted back up to the sky without fear that their wings would betray them. She then turned to the crumpled mess that was her pathetic attempt at salvation. Seaweed. What had she been thinking. Must be the dehydration, or the desperation.

Her chiseled jaw slanted downwards and touched the sand, as she gazed out towards her side. Her eyes could barely focus, and she struggled to see clearly between all the tin cans, the seaweed and stones, but something was shining. Something that looked like…a net.

She instantly pushed up herself into a seated position and shivered as she realized the temperature was dropping. It must have been late afternoon by this point, judging by the sun. It was still cold in the summer time in England, once it was nightfall, you should be dressed in more than a summer dress. It was a net though; a metallic net. Possibly some old part of a fence. It was old and rusty, with little hexagonal shapes that were interwoven in a far better weave than the one she could have ever woven. This can work. She had hope.

She glanced around once more, now searching for the manmade rather than the natural and her eyes came across those countless cans that littered the seabank. Those cans which would have frustrated her so much in the past. She would pick them up and throw them in the trash, or try to explain to the culprit, who so casually was contributing to the destruction of the environment, that this world is the only one we have and we just Have to care for it. She laughed, heartily, and heard her croaking voice for the first time in what felt like decades. These cans will be her salvation.

She used the wire as a base, and collected the cans out of which she fashioned feathers. She broke them apart using some sharp glass, and created what would be the most beautiful set of wings she could imagine. She felt more like an airplane than a bird, and felt so grateful for this detachment from nature. The wind was beating mercilessly against her, whipping her hair in her face, and lifting sand into her eyes which made her shed tears from time to time. The rusty metal wiring cut her palms and fingers constantly as she tried to mold it to her desired shape. The tin cans did not make the job any easier. She used bottle caps to fill the gaps and more metal wiring to fasten these wings to her arms and chest.

The sun had set during her hours in labor, and she stood gazing at a large full moon, ready to fly. She lifted her arms once more to the sky. A gust of wind made her dress and hair flutter. In an instant, she was free.

We are focusing on two things in this project: myths which surround flight, and the new airport which will be built at the Estuary. We do not know if the environmental influences this manmade object will have, will be outweighed overall by the benefits of the construction, so only time will tell if the girl was able to survive by her need to fly.

Hoping you all enjoyed the read, and have a great pancake day tomorrow!

A little bit of Inspiration

Its Wednesday, and at least personally, I find that on Wednesdays things can get a little bit sluggish. So where do you find inspiration? What do you do to start feeling a little more creative? Do you take a walk in the park? Do you listen to some music? Do you look at other artists' work? Do you look through magazines?...

I read sometimes. It can be anything from a good fiction book, to poetry, or to song lyrics... anything! I keep a record of the most inspiring quotes I find, so that I can refer back to them on later wednesdays. Here's one of my favorites: 

I’m moving gently forward,
over the wild and beautiful,
unexplored world below me.

I’m floating in silence,
and breaking it up
with the sound of my breath.

Above me, there’s nothing
but shimmery light,
the place where I’ve come from,
and will go back to
when I am done here.

I’m diving.
I’m a scuba diver.

I’m going deeper past
the wrinkled rocks and dark seaweed
toward a deep blueness
where a school of silver fish wait.

As I swim through the water,
bubbles burst from me,
wobbling like little jellyfish
as they rise.

I check my air.
I don’t have as much time
as I need to see everything,
but that is what makes it so special.

— Leslie Burke, "Bridge to Terabithia"

Check out the movie if you havent yet, I highly recommend it. Hope it inspires you too!

Blue Mondays?

Mondays can be so tough to find motivation, and to get the engine going. I never really understood why we all feel this way. Is it left overs from the "have to go to school" days? Maybe. 
So today I decided to try something new: I found a bunch of inspiring blog posts this weekend but didn't read them until this morning, and wanted to share one of them in particular with you all, in hopes that you could get motivated for the week to come too! 
Alex Beadon always writes some very inspiring blog posts, so I read her "13 Things I Have Learned as an Artist" post just now, and fell in love with her last point:  


— Alex Beadon

It's just so true. I always believed the only limitations we have in life are the ones we accept ourselves. If you say, wow you will never be able to take photos like, for example, Tim Walker, then yeah you never will! But if you instead start pushing yourself towards that goal and have that as an aim, then I firmly believe you'll be able to reach it!

So for one last piece of motivation listen to this song and go ahead, be free!

Some Olympic Details

I wanted to share some of the photos I took during the London 2012 Olympic Games, but decided a massive flood of photos would not be ideal, so today you'll just see a few of my favorites!

I was given the opportunity to photograph the 2012 Olympic games by the Cyprus Olympic Committee, and the Dias Media Group so I wanted to take this chance to say thank you once more to both of these groups and to all the people who helped me while there.

Oddly enough, I personally got really passionate about watching tennis during the Games, so I'll share some of those photos here. Its such a surreal feeling watching these world renowned players perform miracles of speed just meters infront of you.

The whistle sounds. Silence. The ball is served. Something happens. You gasp. Hold your breath for a moment - an instant - an hour - a point... And then... they cheer, and you cheer! Deafening cries of joy before the next moment of silence.

Before I knew it though, the Olympic games were over, and I was watching the Closing Ceremony, exhausted but hungrily waiting for the Paralympic games.

More next week!

Butterflies and Forgotten Dreams

At the beginning of December I had a little chat with myself (admit it, we all have these) where i evaluated 2012. It was an amazing year. I did well at university, I made lots of new friends, I had the opportunity to travel a fair amount. I also had a number of shoots I really enjoyed. I was a photographer in the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games and received a lot of support and publicity because of that, and even took photos at September London Fashion Week. 

So what next? Well I had all these fantastic opportunities, but lacked the discipline to tell anyone about it. I didn't update my blog or even tweet much at all during the Olympics. I still have not updated my website to add those photos on here, and am pretty much backed up by about 6 months on any posts I had full intention on writing (yeah...  we do all have those posts).

So back in December I made a long list of all the things I will do this year: I will work out more, I will keep my blog up to date, I will do more creative shoots, I will start my "52 project", I will... But then life happened. And as life has it, health has it too, so I've had to learn to slow down. But I refused to give up, or even consider that, so instead I chose to go on a little hunt for beauty this week... 

You may or may not have noticed some random photos on my instagram feed of jars and butterflies... 

I had all these beautiful little things around my apartment, hidden away in drawers, and in boxes in the back of dark closets, so I (very rationally) decided beautiful things make you feel better, and made my apartment more beautiful. 

It doesn't relieve any aches and pains, but it does prove that if you can take something like the torn up wings from old butterfly props that you used in a shoot that completely fell through the roof, and turn them into something that can look pretty on a shelf, then maybe you can do just about anything! What other forgotten and discarded dreams can you hunt down and put back together? 

So I want to hear about what "New Years Resolutions" you all have set, and what happened to them. Have you followed through with them? Will you?

What old, maybe even forgotten little things do you have lying about that can act as little daily reminders that life is beautiful (as cliche as that sounds) and that you can always make it even better?

A hyper wolf and a wild girl



This was one of my most frustrating yet sort of happiest shoots in a very very long time! I decided to experiment with flash - something I'm not very familiar with, and if it wasn't for Ian Mears I bet I would have thrown the flash into the forest and never looked for it again! 
Coyla MacPherson (who once more is utterly gorgeous) modeled for us again. I absolutely love shooting with her. She's able to really understand what I have in mind, and portray it in the shots! 
Robyn Skinner went above and beyond on the day! Not only did she do a beautiful job with the make up and hair - she was the official dog walker and treat handler! She was able to help us keep Sire under control!
And Siah, pronounced like Sire, (the wolf-like canine) was a star. He was such a funny puppy! While we were getting Coyla's hair and make-up prepped, he found a raspberry bush, and decided to see if he likes the berries... he bit a single berry, and pulled it off the bush delicately before he spat it out deciding berries aren't for him. He had some of our chicken for lunch and only ate little cheese cubes as treats throughout the day!
Ian was so wonderful pulling the props together for the shoot, so a major thanks to him for that! Also a thanks to him for scouting out all the locations for our shoot, and finding the perfect forest!
Coyla let us cover her in fake blood, and braved all the icky mosquitoes that were attacking her throughout the shoot! She had some red spots all over her shoulders after the shoot, which I hope passed by now!
The woods sure do look creepy don't they?
Clearly all sorts of wild creatures roam these woods! ;)
Whether she's a warrior princess with a wild wolf partner, or a mystical mage who soothes and charms wild creatures - Coyla could portray her characters beautifully.
So thank you all for having made this a wonderful day! xxx

A Breath in Time

These photos are from a shoot I did a while back with the beautiful Jodi Lakin, the wonderful Rhiannon Chalmers and the amazing Ian Mears! Rhiannon was such a savior stepping in late, and did a beautiful job, and Ian was a ton of fun (as usual!) so we had an very relaxing, very creative day. 
 Jodi here looks absolutely beautiful (at least thats my opinion!) as though she's lost in her own dream land. I could just write a story about the character she's portraying here. Thank you Jodi for being such an inspiration!
I'm not sure why, but these shots always make me think of Paris, nostalgically! Does anyone else get the same sort of feeling? 
The mystery lady turns... (lame i know - but you thought it too!)
I love the hat - found it in a shop last summer while walking through Toledo in Spain. It made my day!
Bubbles always make everyone smile! 
Hope you guys enjoyed the shots! let me know what you think. 
I'll be posting more photos from shoots i did back in Cyprus, and from the Olympics later this week!

Lakes and lost worlds

Hey all! These are some shots from a shoot Ian Mears and I did a two weeks ago :)  Coyla MacPherson was such a great model! We literally put her through so much. She climbed up ladders and walls that were falling apart, walked on ledges that, to be fair, would be considered terrifying to say the least, and even got into a lake! All this in the freezing cold (I was personally wearing 4 layers) and in the rain - apparently the rain was colder than the lake was!

This was one of our last shots in the day, and all I could say when she got out of the lake was thank you. 

This ledge was a lot scarier than it seems! But Coyla stood on there bravely, with her gorgeous wedding dress flying in the wind.

When she stood on here, I actually got a bit worried that the wind would blow her down!


You can see a bit more of the location in this one - it was a gorgeous place! Thank you Ian for taking us there!

the suicidal bride-to-be!


We were worried she would slip on the rail while climbing back and fall into the waters below (which were actually quite deep!) but we were both ready to capture that moment should it happen! Sadly - i mean luckily! - it didn't.

 This shot was really fun to get: she climbed down onto the pipe from the ledge above. It was the getting back that would be troublesome: we both had to pull her back up over the ledge, hoping she wouldn't scrape her knees too badly. Afterall we didn't want to be too mean and leave her stranded in the cold! 



We all got soaked to the bone from shooting by the lake, so we tried to rush the long walk back to the car by daydreaming about traveling to a warm country!

 This one is possibly my favorite from the day, though the rest come pretty close! 

Thank you all for checking these out! Let me know what you think, and go over to Facebook and like my photography page too! Hope you're having a great day :)

Inspiration and Experience: Miss Aniela

So this blog post is about the Miss Aniela Fashion Shoot Experience I was part of way back in February. It was amazing as always. The Roost is such a beautiful location, and Natalie and Matt did a brilliant job organising the event! The models were outstanding too, as was the styling, hair and make-up! It was the second shoot experience by Miss Aniela that I was fortunate enough to be a part of, and arrived with really high expectations. I was far from disappointed.


These are some my favourite photos from the day:


Model: Alison McGowen
          Outfit: Alyssa Lichtenstein 
Styling: Pash, stylecreative  


MUA: Grace Gray 

And this was by far the funkiest to shoot! The assistants were amazing.
They helped “fluffy-fy” the dress, by using reflectors as wind machines!

I also had Andy help along here, by throwing the feathers in the cage and pulling his hand out instantly. I wanted to make the bird look like it was exploding – sort of like the scene from Shrek where Fiona sings and a bird blows up! (I saw the musical the night before so had Shrek on my mind!) He was such a star!
And I had Torsten Kieslich as my partner in crime for the day, who was a brilliant source of inspiration!
We finished off the day with the beautiful Scarlet, and were all completely exhausted by this time. Andy had suggested Scarlet should stand by the bar, and after a bit of creative bickering back and forth between Andy and me, poor Scarlet ended up with a broom in her hands, sweeping away… on the bar!

We finished off the day with the beautiful Scarlet, and were all completely exhausted by this time. Andy had suggested Scarlet should stand by the bar, and after a bit of creative bickering back and forth between Andy and me, poor Scarlet ended up with a broom in her hands, sweeping away… on the bar!

If anyone who’s reading this has considered being part of one of these shoot experiences at some point I would highly recommend going for it! It’s hands down worth every penny and more! You meet a group of inspiring, interesting, creative and caring people from all over the world who chose to come together on this day to further their own photographic work, and just to share the experience. After each of the two sessions I actually felt like I reached a new level with my own work. It’s an amazing feeling, so if you’re even feeling borderline about your work and don’t know how to make it better or you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps, try to attend one of these days – your creativity will definitely get revived!
To learn more about these Shoot Experiences click here
To see more of Miss Aniela’s work check out her website.
ALSO!!! I finally got my Facebook page up this morning! so if you haven't already, pop on over and click like! :) <3 <3

Long Overdue

Wow so this is long overdue. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a very long time, but you all know how procrastination works. I wanted a platform to share photos from my recent shoots, my thoughts about different things related to photography and life! I’ll even include some of my own personal writing from time to time.
I’ve been really backlogged on editing this year, so expect quite a few posts over the next few days. I’m finally working through these shoots! 
The first one I want to share with you all took place on the 7th of April, 2012. Andy (aka Photocillin), Sharon Cooper (aka Sosij) and I got together to shoot at an amazing location with two absolutely gorgeous girls! Maria Hastings was also wonderful enough to come along and do the make up for the day! Tor Callis, and Miss Bruise Violet modeled for the day, and suffered through all sorts! They climbed up walls that were half falling apart, spun around in circles and pretended to be whispering princesses! ;)  
This is hands down my favorite shot of the day:
But the rest come pretty close!




St. Dunstans in the East was such an breathtaking location its so hard to believe that this place is in the heart of London! We walked in, and I thought we walked into a fairytale!
Tor looked so happy when we started blowing bubbles at her!  



Thanks for reading! Expect more soon!
Selene - Alexia