Lakes and lost worlds

Hey all! These are some shots from a shoot Ian Mears and I did a two weeks ago :)  Coyla MacPherson was such a great model! We literally put her through so much. She climbed up ladders and walls that were falling apart, walked on ledges that, to be fair, would be considered terrifying to say the least, and even got into a lake! All this in the freezing cold (I was personally wearing 4 layers) and in the rain - apparently the rain was colder than the lake was!

This was one of our last shots in the day, and all I could say when she got out of the lake was thank you. 

This ledge was a lot scarier than it seems! But Coyla stood on there bravely, with her gorgeous wedding dress flying in the wind.

When she stood on here, I actually got a bit worried that the wind would blow her down!


You can see a bit more of the location in this one - it was a gorgeous place! Thank you Ian for taking us there!

the suicidal bride-to-be!


We were worried she would slip on the rail while climbing back and fall into the waters below (which were actually quite deep!) but we were both ready to capture that moment should it happen! Sadly - i mean luckily! - it didn't.

 This shot was really fun to get: she climbed down onto the pipe from the ledge above. It was the getting back that would be troublesome: we both had to pull her back up over the ledge, hoping she wouldn't scrape her knees too badly. Afterall we didn't want to be too mean and leave her stranded in the cold! 



We all got soaked to the bone from shooting by the lake, so we tried to rush the long walk back to the car by daydreaming about traveling to a warm country!

 This one is possibly my favorite from the day, though the rest come pretty close! 

Thank you all for checking these out! Let me know what you think, and go over to Facebook and like my photography page too! Hope you're having a great day :)